This is me in all the above cartoons.
I am a compulsive eater in recovery and I have devoted my life to help
ing you!

If you are engaging in any of the compulsive eating behaviors me now!  I will help you find a roadmap and stabilize your blood sugar levels.  I think you need to change some of your bad habits and learn behavioral changes that will help you stop sabotaging yourself so you can lose weight quickly without feeling deprived.

In my unique program, specifically catered to the compulsive eater, I believe it will only take 3 days to set you free
with my diet and detox food plan.  My goal is to get quick, short bursts of clean dieting time from you so you can shrink your fat cells and get rid of those cravings that lure you to break your program time and time again.

I live by the following motto:  "Motivation Gets You Started; Habit Keeps You Going."